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The 100 hectares of hilly slopes that the family owns in the Maule Valley, surrounded by native forests, are characterized by the different varieties of soil. The natural terraces formed through the centuries by the rivers flooding the valley, give the soils their own characteristics of stones, gravel and sand. In the hills surrounding the rivers you’ll find the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, more than 100 years of age. The rivers are fundamental when it comes to bringing light and freshness, a great counterpart for the high temperatures during the summer.

Wine cellar - Vinification

The grapes that are selected for the limited 25.000 bottle production come from the smaller terrains which receive organic treatment. The hand selected grapes are fermented in the adobe wine cellar, using state of the art technology. 22.000 of these bottles are filled with reserve blend and the other 3.000 bottles are held in French oak barrels, destined to achieve premium quality: a wine that can truly deliver all the characteristic terroir.

This policy of low production is one way the family wants to honour this ancient art of producing wine. The Maule Valley and Loncomilla Valley are currently considered very important in producing fine Chilean wines, and they surely will be appreciated even more as the wines continue to be a true expression of their terroir, a policy the Bustamante family intents to fully develop.