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The Santa Rosa de Lavaderos Estate is a beautiful place full of history and legends. Situated between the hills that dominate the merging of the Maule and the Loncomilla rivers, it is the terroir where the Bustamante wines are born.

Santa Rosa de Lavaderos is the last frontier of the mighty Inca Empire. It is here where the Incas exploited the gold mine named Chivato which according to the legend this gold was taken to Peru for the unsuccessful ransom of Atahualpa. Through this valley ran the Camino Real where the armies of the Conquerors, the Independence and the Civil War once found their way.

In this area the Purapel Bandits found shelter and at the same time was home to the brothers who preached Christianity. In the 18th century, when the river was the main route to take the grain to the Pacific Ocean, thanks to the mythical marines from the Maule, the Guanayes, who initiated the trade from and to New Bilbao (currently Constitución) and the rest of Chile. The wines produced in this valley with grapes that were planted by the Conquerors, was a fundamental product.


The Bustamante family have since the 17th century been part of the vineyards tradition where each generation continued and developed this activity in the fields surrounding the Loncomilla and Maule rivers. In 1900 don Miguel Bustamante del Campo plants french grapes in his inherited Botacura, Lo Bustamante and Liucura estates, transforming them into important wine growing areas. Don Oscar Bustamante del Campo continued the tradition started by his father by cultivating and planting grapes in Santa Rosa de Lavaderos which form the base for the current generation.